Probe Head

  • Provides optimized wafer probing solution through the combination of high technology POGO probe and ultraprecision processing plate. High-performance MEMS probe head, applied with MEMS process, is capable of customized solution response by customer through low force, high CCC, and outstanding contact characteristics of high-strength material.


POGO Probe Head MEMS Probe Head
Package Type Wafer (WLCSP) Wafer (SOC)
Available Pitch 120um~ 80um~
Characteristics - RF type, Signal length 2.0mm
- Solder Bump
- Wafer Probing & Single Die TEST
- High CCC > 1A
- Copper Pillar (Flat type)
- Wire Bond Pad (Point Type)
Product Series
  • Package Type Solder Bump
    Pitch 120um
    Characteristics - Signal Path < 2mm
    - 8site 1skip
  • Package Type Wire-bond Pad
    Pitch 80um
    Characteristics - MEMS Point Tip (Rh)
    - Stable Contact
  • Package Type Copper Pillar
    Pitch 80um
    Characteristics - High CCC > 1A
    - Low Force Contact