Be pleasant by sharing with others. It is the view of ISC CO., LTD. to live together with others

It's not the success for the company and the management, but for all of us in the society and regions in the environs as ISC has always been backed by the society where it has fared. and now, it is ISC's time to share the success with the members in this society, to be specific the local resident in the environs, as part of its effort to seek for and realize 'plans to share'.

The way ISC contribute to the society is not a big-time donation to draw attentions, but a region-based contribution for our neighborhoods as it believes that this, as part of the management of share, will actuate the society to share with others.

Official Donation Activities

1) Regular Sponsorship to Seongnam Good Foundation

Public interest and alternative activity, alleviation of poverty and discrimination, and support of future generation in seongnam area through donation to local community and public welfare agreement regular sponsorship through payroll deduction every month.

성남이로운재단 정기 후원

2) Donation to Somang Rehabilitation Center

Donation to somang rehabilitation center collection box for donation + salary round-off for donation supports medical (nursing) expenses for the disabled students, educational expenses, etc. funding for severely disables persons for supportive services.

소망재활원 정기 후원

3) Donation to the Students in the region (Seongnam Youth Welfare Center)

Funding for sound growth of youths in the region

성남 지역 학생 후원

Voluntary Donation

1) Agricultural Support (civil aid)

Labor contribution to the elderly rice farmers for raising awareness on volunteer activity.

농번기 일손돕기

2) Donation of Blood Donation Certificate

Prosecution of blood donation to the employees and donation of blood donation certificates to the Korea red cross.

헌혈 및 헌혈증 기부

3) Household item sponsorship for neighbors in need in winter

In cooperation with seongnam volunteer center, visits are made to local residents that are in need (low-income families, seniors living alone, single-parent families, etc.), and household goods and heating supplies are delivered (practicing sharing in local community as seongnam’s representative company).

성남시 어려운 이웃의 겨울나기 생필품 후원

4) Donation to Colleagues

Donation to the colleagues demanding urgent support for medical expenses, etc., based upon voluntary movement.