May . designated as KOSDAQ Rising Star (over 5 years)

Dec . won USD 70 Mil. Exporter's Award on the 55th trade day


June . acquired Intellectual Property Management Certificate for small/medium company

Nov . acquired World Class Product of Korea Certificate (ISC Test Socket)


June . won Best Technology Company as a KOSDAQ

Nov .won USD 30 Mil. Exporter's Award on the 53th trade day


June . received Trader of the Month Award

Nov . received Award by Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy for Business sector of Patent Management Award


Feb. reached 500 IPR cases

June. designated as KOSDAQ Hidden Champion


May .designated as (by the Republic of Korea Government) a WORLD CLASS 300 business

Oct .won the Presidential Citation in the field of Parts and Materials Technology Development

Dec .won USD 20 Mil. Exporter's Award on the 50th trade day.

Dec .won Bronze Tower Industrial Badge in the field of Venture Business Activation


Apr .Corporation renamed into ISC Co., LTD.

Dec .won USD 10 Mil. Exporter's Award on the 49th trade day


Mar .won by the National by Tax Service as taxpayer's day

Dec . designated as ATC (Advanced Technology Center)


Oct .listed on KOSDAQ as the 1000th KOSDAQ-listed Company

Nov .won USD 5 Mil. Exporter's Award on the 44th trade day


Feb .designated as INNO-BIZ (technology innovation type small business)

Oct .certified as the Specialty Company of Parts and Materials

Oct .won Prime Ministerial Award as a venture business

Dec .won Start-up Innovation Award by gyeonggi province small & medium business administration


July .established Corporate Lab.

July .won Industry and Resource Ministerial Award as a venture business

Oct .Won Small & Medium / Venture Business Award in Seongnam city


Mar .registered as an affiliate company of Samsung Electronics and Hynix Corporation


Feb .inception of ISC Technology Corporation