Fixture Test

  • Capable of system test solution response against different packages, such as mobile, D-TV, network, module, etc., by using rubber and POGO socket.


Package Type BGA, LGA, QFN etc
Available Pitch 0.3P~
Characteristics - Mobile Application Processor
- PMIC, RFIC, Memory IC, NFC,
- Module, SSD, etc.
Product Series
  • Package Type 748FCFBGA,168FBGA
    Pitch 0.4P~
    Characteristics - Mobile AP + LPDDR Test
  • Package Type 64FBGA
    Pitch 0.4P~
    Characteristics - Mobile NFC Test
  • Package Type 96FBGA
    Pitch 0.8P~
    Characteristics - SSD Test
  • Package Type 556FBGA
    Pitch 0.4P
    Characteristics - Mobile LPDDR Test
  • Package Type 153FBGA
    Pitch 0.5P
    Characteristics - Navigation Test
  • Package Type 16LGA
    Pitch 0.5P
    Characteristics - RF Chip Test
  • Package Type 556FBGA
    Pitch 0.8P
    Characteristics - Module Test
  • Package Type 929FCPBGA
    Pitch 0.75P
    Characteristics - D-TV Test
  • Package Type 48TSOP, 48QFP
    Pitch 0.5P
    Characteristics - USB Test