• ISC's 5G test solutions provide

    exceptional experience and value.

  • A class-leading Global Hidden Champion

    in the field of higher value-added core part

ISC 5G Solution Connect the World

ISC redefines wide range of innovative test technology that suits perfectly for new 5G environment.
We provide total test solution that makes the future become a reality.

ISC contributes to various technological advances and the world that will be further
evolved through 5G. ISC test solution meets the tough requirements of 5G test,
and provide unique experience and value to customers.

ISC 5G Test Test Socket line-up

ISC provides all the answers to the 5G semiconductor test solutions.
ISC is here as the future approaches with IT, BT, Autonomous Car, and 5G.
With the world's best technology and solutions, we will improve customer satisfaction and value.


Logic Test Socket

Provides optimized solution for logic device/PKG test in accordance with the application, including long test time, short test time, high speed, large area, etc.

Memory Test Socket

Provides optimized solution for all memory device/PKG and different test environments, from the smallest pitch ~ normal pitch (0.2P~1.0P).

RF Socket

Provides RF test socket that responds to outstanding properties and high frequency by matching the impedance through unequaled technology and coaxial structure.

Burn In Socket

Provides customized, optimized solution through outstanding characteristics and structure, including device no ball damage, PCB no soldering, high speed realization, etc., through rubber-applied burn in test socket.

Fixture Test

Capable of system test solution response against different packages, such as mobile, D-TV, network, module, etc., by using rubber and pogo socket.

Probe Head

Provides optimized wafer probing solution through the combination of high technology pogo probe and ultraprecision processing plate.

Special Pin

Pyramid pin has high hardness (hv1000), has outstanding contact properties through durability and sharp contact tip, and can provide customized solution response by customer.

Camera Module Socket

ISC’s auto socket can be produced into different shapes that corresponds to customer’s needs. also, based on long experience in test socket market, it guarantees the best contact property and durability, and has a different kind of driving system than existing ones.


ISC Interposer is a customizable product with high contact stability, where special rubber solution is applied according to customer’s needs.

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